CareerUp believes in equal career opportunities for all talents.

How CareerUp works

CareerUp is an online career platform that makes it easier for employers, talents and educational institutions to connect with each other. All three parties have one place where they can go for internships and starter jobs.

We do this for all levels (MBO, HBO and WO) and directions so that all students have the same chance to discover career opportunities.

Your career starts now!

Employers place vacancies for internships and starters jobs on the platform. Via one platform they thus reach students from multiple educational institutions simultaneously.

Talents apply via CareerUp simply with their career profile and they can receive career advice. We want to help them in making the right choices  that are decisive for the rest of their career.

Educational institutions unburden the support of the contact between students and employers as much as possible in the platform. At the same time, we strive to ensure that all students prepare for the labor market and become involved alumni.

CareerUp HQ

CareerUp is founded and located in Groningen.

Winschoterdiep 50
9723 AB Groningen
050 – 211 2613