Equal career opportunities for all students

Strengthen student involvement. Bring more employers into contact with all students.

CareerUp supports educational institutions with career services

Prepare students on the job market

Students gain more self-insight with the career profile. An addition for career centers.

Provides students with access
to all employers

Students and employers come into direct contact with each other.

Keep following students after their studies

Students are alumni before you know it. Make them involved by developing a career.

Career Services

Offers all students equal employment opportunities. Prepare students for their careers with career advice and workshops. Have them create a career profile for more insight into their skills, personality and career opportunities.

Job market

Let companies come in contact with all your students for internships and starters jobs. You simply connect existing companies and relations of your educational institution. Get insight into what employers are looking for and where your students end up.

Alumni policy

From student to Alumni+. Students become really involved alumni if you offer them more than just education during the study. Connect them to the job market during and after the study. Link students with alumni for internships and advice. Give alumni insight into how they can develop for a career.


Get complete insight into where your students end up and what employers are looking for. Stimulate job openings easily, organize events and share your training offer with students and alumni.

The possibilities that CareerUp supports


Direct insight into where students end up for internships and jobs. Follow alumni and discover their development needs for a career.

White Label

Get your own private environment in style of your knowledge institution. Your own database and recognizable for your students.



The platform makes it easier to handle personal data carefully. Students decide for themselves what they share.


Community Management

Link students with alumni. Build measurably to a community of students, alumni and employers.


Invite employers easily. Let employers easily place vacancies for internships, research assignments and starters jobs.


Developing a career is becoming increasingly relevant. Make the training offer accessible to everyone.

Career Services

Give career advice, plan an advisory meeting or organize a workshop. Prepare students for their careers.


Create events yourself easily. Invite students and employers. The success of every event directly measurable.


Discover how satisfied your students, alumni and employers are with your services. Build on strong and committed relationships.

Why the educational institutions chooses CareerUp

  • Alexandra Da Costa Rodriques

    Alexandra Da Costa Rodriques

    Life Science and Technology, Hanzehogeschool Groningen

    "Together with CareerUp we give our students a platform on which they can get in touch with the life sciences business community with the possibility to find a suitable internship / graduation place or a starters job."