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Help students kick-start their career

Empower students by helping them learn more about themselves, prepare for the job market and reach out to employers.

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For all your students

Empower students by helping them learn more about themselves

The career profile will give students a better understanding of their skills, their personality and their career opportunities. CareerUp offers them free career advice.

Increase the opportunities for students on the job market

Your students will always have access to vacancies for internships and entry-level jobs. They can easily apply using their career profile.

Offer students unlimited access to employers

Students and employers are in direct contact. It is easy to connect your knowledge institution’s companies and business contacts.

An easier way for companies to attract students

CareerUp is a fast growing career platform for students, employers and educational institutions. We support students at the start of their career every day. We do this by working closely with knowledge institutions and by helping students learn more about their career opportunities, including offering them free career advice. Our talent scouts target all students at all levels of education (MBO/HBO/WO) to draw their attention to your company and your vacancies. This will save you a lot of time and costs and help you reach more students to fill your vacancies.

Students have access to our online platform, career advice and employer events throughout their studies. We believe that technology can never fully replace human contact.That is why we also offer offline services on site.This combination of an online platform and offline services is a better way of preparing students for the job market.

Students in all stages of their study career can use the platform to apply for internships, part-time jobs and entry-level jobs with interested employers in the region.Our matching algorithm helps students learn which vacancies and companies are the best fit.

  • Alexandra Da Costa Rodriques

    Alexandra Da Costa Rodriques

    Life Science and Technology, Hanzehogeschool Groningen

    "Together with CareerUp we give our students a platform on which they can get in touch with the life sciences business community with the possibility to find a suitable internship / graduation place or a starters job."

Why we do this

We founded CareerUp because we know from experience how hard it can be to make certain choices when it comes to our careers, in particular as those choices affect the rest of our lives. Every step we take is aimed at encouraging students to carefully consider their options and make the right choices, even while they’re still studying, as that’s when your career starts!

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