Privacy statement

Cloud Career Services B.V. is responsible for the careful protection of your personal data via CareerUp or Profileermij. Control over where which data ends up is of great importance to us.


Article 1. Definitions

The profile and manner in which a User has access to the Online Career Platform through Login Details.
Applying The possibility of making it known as a User to be interested in a vacancy of the employer and thus wishing to come into contact with the employer.

The ability to share the account with people inside or outside the Online Career Platform.

All data and information available through the Cloud Career Services B.V. Services or any manner included in the Website, Online Career Platform, blogs, articles, documents, presentations, graphics or other information material, interfaces, designs, systems, methods, information, source code, software, services, organization, code, data and all other elements of the Services.

The natural or legal person to whom the User is or may be affiliated in any way who has an agreement with Cloud Career Services B.V. has been entered into for the use by both Employer and User of the Online Career Platform for recruitment, career development and / or employer branding.

Job offer
Being able to put vacancy (s) online as an employer and thereby receive and manage applications.

A combination of the e-mail address and password of a User with which the User has access to his / her Account. If a User has registered his / her account through an Account with certain third-party social network services, such as LinkedIn, this account will serve as login information.

Cloud Career Services B.V.
Cloud Career Services B.V. NL BV, having its registered office in Groningen, registered at the Chamber of Commerce, under registration number 72012013.

The natural person who has accepted these Terms.

User data
Files and other digital data and information uploaded by a User to the Online Career Platform.

Online Career Platform
The web-based application of Cloud Career Services B.V. which is accessible via the Website and by invitation.

The Website, the Online Career Platform, the Content and all content, online marketing services and / or usage options that are available within or outside the Online Career Platform.

Terms of Use.

The website that is accessible via the URL or


Article 2. General

  1. This privacy statement sets out the policy with regard to the personal data of users of the Online Career Platform of Cloud Career Services B.V., hereinafter referred to as “the Online Career Platform”.
  2. If the User wants to log in to the Online Career Platform, the user must have created an account with CareerUp or Profileermij, or another label from Cloud Career Services B.V..
  3. This Privacy Statement is effective from 1 April 2019.


Article 3. Collection and use of personal data

  1. Cloud Career Services B.V. stores the personal data of the user when he / she creates an account.
  2. The starting point for the processing of personal data is for the provision of our Services in which the AVG is used as a legal basis.
  3. Cloud Career Services B.V. processes among others the following personal data of the user: name, age, place of residence, e-mail address, knowledge, experience, skills, personality test, preferences, MAC address, IP address.
  4. With the user’s permission, Cloud Career Services uses B.V. the user’s data for comparing job profiles and matching job profiles from Employers to users.
  5. In addition, the personal data is used to map statistics about user behavior.
  6. With the user’s permission, Cloud Career Services uses B.V. the personal data of the user to inform him about special offers and promotions through a newsletter. The newsletter contains a link with which the user can immediately unsubscribe from the newsletter.


Article 4. Transfer to third parties

  1. Cloud Career Services B.V. will not sell the user’s personal data to third parties.
  2. Cloud Career Services B.V. is authorized to transfer the personal data to a third party if:
    – This is necessary for the execution of the agreement between Cloud Career Services B.V. and the User; or
    – User has given explicit permission to pass on personal data to third parties as mentioned in the permission.
  3. Cloud Career Services B.V. concludes where necessary (processors) agreements with these third parties to guarantee the confidentiality and security of personal data.
  4. In compliance with the law, based on an explicit legal obligation by a government agency, information about your Account can be shared.
  5. Cloud Career Services B.V. reserves the right to share information that is appropriate or necessary in good faith, whereby we must protect ourselves or others against unlawful activities, defend ourselves against any claims or allegations from third parties, to protect our property or other rights protect such as being able to enforce contracts or to protect the safety of others.
  6. If Cloud Career Services B.V. becomes involved in a merger, sale of the company and or its assets, reorganization, bankruptcy then Cloud Career Services B.V. transfer or share the assets including possibly your Account.


Article 5. Share

  1. It is possible to share information in your Account with Employers, and others who do or do not use the Online Career Platform;
    – By clicking on the “Share” button in a User’s Account
    – By clicking on the “Apply” button above a vacancy
  2. When you apply, an Employer can view your Account as long as the Vacancy is online.
  3. When Sharing your Account, it is possible to set who will see what information about you and for how long.
  4. You can remove the rights to view your Account at Share and Apply at any time.


Article 6. Cookies

  1. Cloud Career Services B.V. uses so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the user’s computer and are read by a browser.
  2. Cloud Career Services B.V. uses cookies to remember user settings and preferences.
  3. Via the website of Cloud Career Services B.V. cookies are placed from the American company Google, as part of the “Analytics” service. Cloud Career Services B.V. uses this service to keep track of and obtain reports on how the user uses the services offered. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally required to do so, or insofar as third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. Cloud Career Services B.V. has no influence on this. More information about Google’s privacy policy can be found on the Google website.
  4. When visiting the website and / or the Online Career Platform, the user can indicate whether cookies are used tomorrow or not.


Article 7. Social media

  1. Buttons have been placed on the CareerUp website and other labels to enable interactive use of the website via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These buttons are realized by a code that is supplied by Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn itself. This code places a cookie, among other things.
  2. The user must consult the privacy statement of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (which can change regularly) to see what these companies do with their personal data.


Article 8. Change / deletion of personal data

  1. Gebruiker heeft het recht zijn persoonsgegevens in te zien, te verbeteren, aan te vullen, verwijdering, vernietiging en afscherming van zijn/haar persoonsgegevens te eisen, overeenkomstig het bepaalde in de Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens.
  2. Wanneer de gebruiker de rechten, als bedoeld in het vorig lid, wil uitoefenen, of wanneer gebruiker vragen heeft omtrent het gebruik van voorgenoemde rechten of over het privacybeleid, dient de gebruiker contact op te nemen met Cloud Career Services B.V. via


Article 9. Retention and destruction period

  1. Cloud Career Services B.V. stores the personal data during the time that there is an agreement to which this privacy statement applies, between Cloud Career Services B.V. and user.
  2. After the period mentioned in the previous paragraph, the personal data will be destroyed.
  3. Cloud Career Services B.V. is entitled to retain the personal data for longer than the period referred to in the first paragraph of this article, if this is done on the basis of a legal provision.

Article 10. Security

  1. Cloud Career Services B.V. will handle the personal data with the utmost care. When the user logs in, various security techniques are used, including SSL technology for encrypting data. The personal data will be protected at all times and treated as confidential.


Article 11. Changes to the privacy policy

  1. Cloud Career Services B.V. has the right to change this privacy policy. If Cloud Career Services B.V. should decide to change this privacy statement, then these changes will be included directly in the privacy statement. Cloud Career Services B.V. will inform the user of this change during a period of three months by means of an entry on the login screen.


Do you want to view the data that Cloud Career Services B.V. processed from you? Or do you have questions about your data or how Cloud Career Services B.V. complies with the provisions of the AVG? Then contact